Vital Signs®

The Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF) participates in Vital Signs research to measure the state of the island, and to help us all build a healthy, vibrant and livable community.

Vital Signs® is a community programme which uses local knowledge to measure the vitality of a community and support action towards improving the collective quality of life. It was originally developed by Community Foundations of Canada and has been adopted around the world. It effectively gauges the quality of life as determined by the community. This information creates a benchmark measurement which can be used by individuals and philanthropic organisations, such as the BCF, to target their giving more effectively.

The BCF introduced the Vital Signs® programme to Bermuda to give the community the opportunity to evaluate what was important to their quality of life. This helps to enable donors to become better informed and community service providers to remain targeted on the most important quality of life issues.

The Bermuda Vital Signs research process began in 2017 with a community study on what people believed was important to their quality of life. Responses from a representative sample of the population guided the ensuing work.