BCF references several sources for practice and programme standards and other ways of thinking about approaches to service in the community.

As a work in progress, we have cross-referenced some programme standards, indicators and/or outcomes to some of the services and programmes that groups in Bermuda offer.  NOTE: These sources are for reference only and are provided as a means to inform practice.

Please review the lists of Standards, Indicators or Outcomes for better and more specific information about your “match”.  You may find a better one!  You can then look for more details about the standard or outcome indicators on-line through the links below.  If no standard seems to exist for your area of work, please review the BNSC Certification Standards and/or the Administration and Management Standards as general guides to good practice standards.

If your organisation or programmes are certified or accredited through any other agency, please let us know so that we can add it to our database!

For a cross-referenced listing of programmes and standards, Click Here

To see the lists of standards or indicators available by accrediting agency see:

One of our long term goals is to measure the impact of our grantmaking dollars and those of our donor fund holders and external managed grants programmes.  As an institution, we value certification and accreditation processes, both local and overseas processes, specific to the specialized work of nonprofits.

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