Our Work

The BCF works directly with donors to understand their philanthropic vision and create a fund to support causes most important to them. Funds from different donors are then aggregated and managed to achieve greater returns. This makes it possible for smaller individual funds to enjoy the same economies of scale as a large foundation. Put simply, we:

  • Work to understand your vision and provide expert advice
  • Create a fund that reflects your vision and sets forth your charitable wishes
  • Manage your fund’s assets and make gifts to your favourite causes
  • Promote giving from others to increase philanthropic dollars for Bermuda to leverage your investment.

A boy chef pouring batter in to a pan.Once the fund is set up, the donor is encouraged to make gifts to that fund. These gifts may be made during your lifetime or as part of a longer-term legacy plan. All money deposited to the fund is invested by BCF, and each year, investment income is distributed to the local community as directed by you, the donor, if you wish.

We manage the donor funds over time, vet the nonprofits if you wish, write the cheques, and handle the reporting. We may also research nonprofits and programmes, and prepare a grant-spending plan for your fund.

Our grant-making staff checks proposed grants against your fund’s purpose and any other guidelines you’ve given us. After we make each grant, we carefully monitor the results. With some fund types, you can also invite others from the community to invest in your field of interest, which may change to keep up with the times.

The whole community can benefit from knowing where donations are going and how they have been spent.


We have embarked on a multi-year, phased tech development project that will provide all types of people, nonprofits and community groups with access to an on-line giving platform.

  • For nonprofits:
    • GiveBermuda.org is a free, online, searchable database of in-depth information about local nonprofits. Each participating nonprofit has a unique profile that includes comprehensive information about programs (including impact and measures), finances, governance, operations and management. Nonprofits are searchable by name or by nonprofit category, making it easy to identify organizations that ignite your interests.
    • Donors who are looking for nonprofits that are doing work they care about (yours!) will be able to learn about you and your work and make donations on-line.
  • For donors:
    • GiveBermuda.org allows you to make a secure, online gift to participating nonprofits directly through the site.
    • At GiveBermuda.org you can conduct your own research, identify nonprofits that fit your giving criteria and make an online gift.
    • American donors can contributions to Bermuda-based not-for-profit entities, including the Bermuda Community Foundation itself, through the Friends of Bermuda Community Foundation 501c3.  Go to For U.S. Taxpayers for more information.

Although building a community endowment is BCF's main purpose at this time, some grant opportunities may be available through external funders' grant programmes for which the foundation provides support.  While limited at this early stage, current grant opportunities are listed at Grants at BCF.


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