The ability to establish a philanthropic or charitable fund is an option for individuals and entities interested in making a commitment to long-term giving in Bermuda. Examples of individuals are you, your spouse, a trust or estate. Examples of entities[1] are a family business, a company or a corporation.

The individual or entity establishing a Fund is automatically designated the Donor of Record, and is the sole donor to receive all correspondence, reports and account statements.  Other individuals or entities named on the Fund are designated as Donors. 


[1] Fund accounts established by an entity are subject to Friends of Bermuda Community Foundation Board approval and require an individual’s name, contact information and social security number or tax identification number.

Establishing Your Fund Account


Please click here for the Step-by-Step guide to establishing your fund.

The following guidance may be helpful in “Determining Your Fund Advisors”  and further pursuing your philanthropic goals.