The Flora Fund

Established by ITU World Champion Triathlete and Commonwealth Games gold medalist, Flora Duffy, The Flora Fund aims to enable aspiring youth in Bermuda to achieve their full potential by providing funding support not limited to but including: equipment, travel, training fees, event registration fees, and coaching. All towards the development of the skills and attributes needed to achieve excellence in sport – which will have a positive impact for the community of Bermuda. Details of the application process for grants will be made available towards the end of the calendar year.

Donors who share Flora’s vision for aspiring athletes can contribute to The Flora Fund by clicking here to make a standard gift or here to make a US IRS Tax deductable gift. 

Diversity Initiative Fund Tribute

Diversity Initiative Fund Tribute: The belief in the power of people to create change lives on in this fund established by the Diversity Institute of Bermuda. BCF will host DIB’s former members in a celebration of the agency’s work in 2015 through the public launch of the fund and the publication of a commemorative booklet.

Diversity Initiative Fund Tribute
To make a contribution to Diversity Initiatives Fund (DIF) click here.

Early Childhood Development

Funding for research into 0-3 year olds in Bermuda and why some are failing to thrive was made available through the Early Childhood Development Project and Research Fund, which was established by the Hemera Foundation with additional contributions from the Bank of Bermuda Foundation, the Gutteridge family and private donors. Click here for the Full Zero to Three Report or here for the Executive Summary.  

Early Childhood Development Fund
To make a contribution to Early Childhood Development Project & Research Fund (ECDPRF) click here. 

Ida James Memorial Fund for Social Work

Ida James Memorial Fund for Social Work: When the Bermuda National Association of Social Workers decided to honour respected colleague, the late Ida James, they believed an endowment fund would be a respectful tribute. Established in October 2014, investment returns will provide capacity building and professional development funding opportunities for practicing social workers, service providers and social work students – or for community-based social work programmes.

Ida James Memorial Fund for Social Work
To make a contribution to Ida James Memorial Fund for Social Work (IJMFSW) click here. 

National Dance Foundation Bermuda

An endowment, agency fund established to ensure a consistent stream of income that can be used to support their programme goals.

An endowment fund, established by an initial gift from the O'Hara family which will yield returns to support the core programmes of the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda.

To make a contribution to the NDFB Funds at BCF click here  

TalkWell Bermuda

TalkWell Bermuda: In the works is a series of moderated blogs premised on the idea that respectful dialogue can help the community explore and resolve meaningful social issues.

TalkWell Bermuda
To make a contribution to (TWF) click here. 

Community Funds

When you don't know who to give to and really want to give consider the following:

To make a contribution to one of these programme funds click here. 

BCF - Help Us to Stay Forever - For You

BCF Administration & Operating Fund     BCF Endowment Fund

To make a contribution to BCF's Administration / Operating Fund or Endowment Fund (BCFOP or BCFEND) click here. 

Read•Write•Bermuda Campaign for Literacy

Read·Write·Bermuda Campaign for Literacy (ARCHIVED): Established with a seed donation from the Buechner Society Fund of Bermuda, this campaign has contributed to efforts to improve literacy in Bermuda.  Anyone who cares about reading, writing and numeracy can make a contribution to the fund!

Read•Write•Bermuda Campaign for Literacy
To make a contribution to Read·Write·Bermuda Campaign for Literacy (RWBCF) click here. 

Lighthouse Connect

Legal & General Reinsurance, in partnership with Mirrors, has launched the ‘Lighthouse Connect’ initiative to raise funds to provide free laptops to Bermuda public school students whose education has been affected by the pandemic.  

As establishing donors, L&G know many businesses have expressed a desire to support Bermuda’s students with technology. Lighthouse Connect provides a way for companies and individuals to contribute to the purchase of Ministry of Education-approved equipment in a coordinated and cohesive manner that is most suitable for teachers and students.

The island will recover from this pandemic, but we need to make sure no student is left behind.

For further details, go to Lighthouse Connect or email