Bermuda Emergency Fund - COVID-19 Disbursements

Over $2,2000,000 in contributions and pledges have been received to date which have been deployed / earmarked (as at 21 September 2020) meeting critical needs in following essential areas:

Disaster Preparedness and Relief - $490,000

Funds have been deployed to support the EMO COVID-19 Community response which includes: Making quarantine calls and checking in on individuals in the community; Serving as first responders who need services/equipment including mental health support; Directing and coordinating services with the EMO in terms of disaster planning support; Supporting and coordinating homeless shelter needs and transporting individuals to testing centres.

Organisations receiving funding support:

Bermuda Red Cross

Salvation Army (The) - Bermuda Division

St. John's Ambulance

Food Security / Distribution / Support to Marginalised Families - $771,812


Medical Care / Health Support / Distribution of Meds - $288,932

A growing number of people need access to information on managing their health and access to subsidized medication -- particularly those who have lost their jobs and have no health insurance. Funds have been deployed to support the purchase of  medical supplies, prescription medication, and to offer advice on healthcare management.

Organisations receiving funding support:


Bermuda Diabetes Association

Bermuda Health Council

Medical House

Open Airways

Scotts Medical Supply

Third Sector Nonprofits (including network of Residential Care Homes for Seniors)

Tomorrow's Voices

Vision Bermuda

Mental Health Support & Substance Use and Abuse - $120,825

Funds for this essential and/or critical service areas have been deployed to upgrade or puchase technology for TeleHealth, TeleMedicine and TeleEducation. The COVID-19 Emotional Wellbeing Hotline 534-1111 was launched with a commitment from the Emergency Fund, an in-kind donation from OneCommunications and a pledge from the Health Innovation Fund. The Hotline has already received over 100 calls, with thanks going to the Bermuda Psyhological Association for managing the rota and the service overall - and to the many volunteer operators from the Public, Private, Third and Spiritual sectors.

Organisations receiving funding support:

Action on Alzheimer's

Bermuda Psychological Association

Covid-19 Homeless Shelter at Cedarbridge

Covid-19 Mental Health Hotline Support

Employee Assistance Programme

Family Centre

FOCUS Counseling Services

Pathways Bermuda


Safety / Protection from Domestic Violence / Abuse - $95,000

The Centre Against Abuse has been a key facilitator in providing support to victims of domestic abuse. Emergency funding support enables the CAC to:

Deliver crisis management counselling

Provide legal support and facilitate domestic protection orders

Purchase food, vouchers and goods for clients

Ensure designated housing arrangement are available for up to five families in desperate times.

Organisations receiving funding support:

Centre Against Abuse

Seniors Services / Nursing Homes - $273,590

Your contributions are being used to fund:

  • provisions of food
  • personal protection equipment and incontinence supplies
  • technology equipment to facilitate telemedicine and family contact
  • hand sanitiser and other essentials to their homes.

As well, an assessment of services for seniors has revealed a need for critical basic needs in 19 nursing homes serving 392 seniors, to which funding had been allocated.

Organisations receiving funding support:

Age Concern Bermuda

Atlantic Cleaning

BEF Huckberry

Bermuda Housing Trust 

Digicel / BTC

Network of Residential Care Homes for Seniors

Project Action

Rugged Rentals

*As part of the reconciliation process, some disbursements have been reclassified.*

Unsheltered / Homelessness and Related Substance Abuse - $248,678

Miscellaneous Administration & Communications $2,686

Bank fees

Brand on Tech

Brimstone Media

Requests for help are currently exceeding resources, so all donations will be gratefully received! For more information on how you can help go to

How is this working?

Requests for assistance are being received and assessed to:

  1. ensure they meet criteria of national pandemic needs
  2. be sorted into the area they will address
  3. match against available funds.

Assessments are carried out by the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Team (CCRT).

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and individuals helping out during these extraordinary times.

*The impacts of the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Team are reported separately.