The 2009 Concept Development Process

A boy by an printing press.In June 2009, a working committee was established to prepare a high-level analysis on community foundation structures and the feasibility of developing a community foundation in Bermuda. Members were: Danielle Riviere, Programme Manager of The Centre on Philanthropy, Jennifer Ayres, a Centre volunteer, and Myra Virgil of The Atlantic Philanthropies. The resultant report was informed by extensive consultation sessions, focus groups with two sets of stakeholders, site visits and input from Canadian and US Community Foundation representatives, Alan Pardini and Diana Doyle of Community Planning and Research (CPR) LCC (San Francisco, California), and Stacey Easterling of The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Is a community foundation feasible in Bermuda?

In April 2011, capping 18 months of sub-committee and taskforce research, the Bermuda Community Foundation Taskforce contracted with the consulting firm of Sutherland~Edwards, LLC, Consultants to Philanthropy to assess the feasibility of establishing a community foundation for Bermuda. The feasibility study involved a series of one-on-one interviews with approximately 38 stakeholders. Stakeholders represented a cross-section of business leaders, high net worth philanthropic individuals, trust officers and other professionals and nonprofit leaders.

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