Board and Governance

Brian O’Hara, Nikkita Scott, Peter Pearman (Legal Counsel), Amanda Outerbridge, Peter Durhager, Michael Brace and Myra Virgil.
Left-to-Right: Brian O’Hara, Nikkita Scott, Peter Pearman (Legal Counsel), Amanda Outerbridge, Peter Durhager, Michael Brace and Myra Virgil. Not pictured, Michael Schrum (Investment Committee)

BCF’s Board is comprised of strong, committed, community members with experience in:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Philanthropy
  • Community
  • Investment
  • Excellence in management and operations

Meet BCF's Leadership

Peter Durhager, Chairman

Peter Durhager

Peter is the Chairman of the Bermuda Community Foundation Board. He is also the former Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. and former President of RenaissanceRe Services Ltd. He is Chairman of Ascendant Group Limited and a non-executive Director of KeyTech Limited. Peter has been named chairman of the board of America's Cup Bermuda Ltd., which will be hosted in Bermuda in 2017.

Michael R. Brace, CFA

Michael BraceMichael is Client Relationship Officer at EFG Bank. He is responsible for advising high-net-worth and institutional clients at EFG. Michael has also been a director or trustee of The Nature Conservancy, University at Buffalo School of Management Alumni Association, American Cancer Society, and Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

Brian O’Hara

Brian O'HaraBrian has served as Chairman of the XL Capital Ltd. Board of Directors, and President and CEO of XL. He has also been director or trustee of the International Insurance Society, ABIR, Insurance Information Institute, American Institute for Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters, the School of Risk Management, Insurance & Actuarial Science at St. John’s University, Geneva Association, and the International Business Forum. He continues to serve as Chairman of Front Street Advisors Ltd., and as a Director of BIOS, Roundtable Healthcare Partners, American Revival Fund LP, and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Amanda Outerbridge

Amanda Outerbridge

Amanda is Director of Philanthropy is Assistant Director of Communication at the Bermuda Monetary Authority. She is the former head of Global Philanthropy for the XL Group and the former Executive Director of the XL Foundation. She was previously Executive Director of the Bermuda National Trust, a non-profit focused on conservation, education and advocacy. A former journalist, Amanda was Chair of the Bermuda Donor Forum until February 2015.  She is a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Bermuda Media Council.

Michael L. Schrum

Michael L. SchrumMichael has more than 20 years of financial services experience in London, New York and Bermuda, mainly in banking, insurance and tax, and currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of HSBC Bank of Bermuda Limited. With the bank since 2001, he was formerly Head of Finance, Head of Corporate Planning and Head of Business Management.A Director of Ascendant Group Ltd., he holds a Masters of Science in Economics from the University of London and is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Nikkita Scott

Nikkita ScottNikkita is Director of Counselling & Student Activities for Bermuda College. At the College since 2000, she has worked as counselor, assisted with programme review and development, and been advisor to Student Government Council. Nikkita is past Chair of the Commission for Unity & Racial Equality, a former member of the Name & Recognition Committee, and past Chair of the United World Colleges Selection Committee for Bermuda.

Myra Virgil

Myra VirgilMyra is the CEO and Managing Director of the Bermuda Community Foundation. Myra was Programme Executive for The Atlantic Philanthropies in Bermuda, responsible for developing its grantmaking strategy and programme management. Previously, Myra was Director of Human Affairs with the Bermuda Government, overseeing a policy unit, the Bermuda Human Rights Commission, CURE, Consumer Affairs and the National Office for Seniors and the Disabled. Formerly a governor of Bermuda College, she is a Board member of the Bermuda Donor Forum, the Bermuda National Standards Committee, and Bermuda First.

How We Operate

Our board of directors administers BCF, some of whose members were appointed after a request for expressions of interest was placed in Bermuda newspapers in 2012. Board members are appointed by three members of BCF who solicit applications from the community via a self-nomination process. This process provides a transparent and robust governance model in which it would be extremely difficult for any individual or group to take control. Certain tasks are allocated to a range of support committees, but ultimately the board is responsible for BCF’s mission integrity and welfare. We are a transparent institution in terms of how we operate.


How We Are Funded

All BCF board and committee members are volunteers and are unpaid for their work in these roles. However, there are costs (staff, salaries, rent, phone, postage, marketing, etc.) in operating BCF.

The board strives to keep costs as low as possible: we deliberately run a “lean and mean” operation using some outsourced resources and economising on rent and other operational costs by sharing office space, technology, etc.

In order to cover operating costs, BCF donors are asked to consider make initial donations to the BCF fund. Learn more about how we are funded.

In addition, fees assessed on the capital of the funds are donated to BCF each year. The administrative fee is typically 1–1.5 percent of the value of the fund. However, certain funds requiring a higher level of administration may incur a fee of 2.5-5 percent of the value of the fund.